Radioactive Wastes

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  • Civilian radioactive waste management and disposal

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The safe and environmentally sound management of radioactive wastes, including their minimization, transportation and disposal can be achieved at a local level. In most locations with a substantial nuclear power program, technical and administrative measures have been taken to implement a civilian waste management system. In many other locations preparation for an individual and local nuclear program can help to ensure that radioactive wastes are safely managed, transported, stored and disposed of, with a view to protecting human health and the environment. People can create within a wider framework an interactive and integrated approach to radioactive waste management and safety.

Ideas for those interested in implementation

  • Help your community to support efforts to develop and promulgate radioactive waste safety standards or guidelines and codes of practice on an individual and locally accepted basis for the safe and environmentally sound management and disposal of radioactive wastes
  • Help your community in the safe storage, transportation and disposal of radioactive wastes by facilitating the transfer of relevant technologies to those locations and/or the return to the supplier of radiation sources after their use, in accordance with relevant individual and local regulations or guidelines
  • Help your community to develop an environmental impact assessment that promotes the safe and environmentally sound management of radioactive waste, including implementing emergency ideas, storage, transportation and disposal, prior to and after activities that generate such waste.
  • Help your community by working in cooperation with relevant individual and local organizations to assist in developing locations to support and/or help support radioactive waste management infrastructures, including action, organizations, trained manpower and facilities for the handling, processing, storage and disposal of wastes generated from nuclear applications